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Feature: Denmark's Education, Job Market Impresses Chinese Engineering Students

A group of Chinese engineering students have ended a week-long tour to Denmark as part of a Sino-Danish program to boost professional links between the two countries. Read more ...

Chinese Top Talents to Copenhagen

Sino-Danish Network works on attracting Chinese Top Talents to Denmark. Read more ...

China-Investors Give up on Denmark

Denmark would like to be a magnet for foreign investment, but Chinas investment in Denmark is disappointingly low, and this is among others high tax. Read more ...

Copenhagen would Like to Have Chinese in the School

Language: Copenhagen City has put aside half a million kr. for investigating the need of Chinese in the Copenhagen schools. If Copenhagen wants to compete with other major European cities, it should be possible to get teaching in Chinese... Read more ...

Copenhagen Aims at Europe Schools

A new international school in Copenhagen may become a reality in a few years. Read more ...

19 April 2012: Carlsberg now launches Tuborg in China

April 15, 2012: Chinese consider to buy Vestas

April 13, 2012: Biomass baby keeps on growing

April 10, 2012: Novo Nordisk: Victoza officially better than Januvia

April 9, 2012: President meets leaders of overseas Chinese organizations

April 9, 2012: Fortune forum to highlight "China's New Future"

April 4, 2012: China opens the door for foreign investment

April 4, 2012: Senior bomb soon to explode
Mr. Møller is dead - Great Grief at the Mærsk-Concern
April 16, 2012

Michael Pram best board chairman
April 16, 2012

New report: Breivik is suitable for sentense
April 10, 2012

Milk manufacturers are furious about Arla
April 9, 2012

Inflation expected to ease despite slight rebound
April 9, 2012

Politicians demand salary raise in order to change their pension
April 9, 2012

Neighbor to summer house: Only chimney was left
April 9, 2012

Sony to lay off 10,000 positions globally
April 9, 2012

Danish famous spy close to be disclosed
April 9, 2012

Now is the time for trimming the economy
April 8, 2012

False police officer two years in prison
April 9, 2012

51 years old man found dead in street
April 8, 2012

Researchers found 70 million years old egg
April 7, 2012

Fact: Thrane-buyer well known in Denmark
April 7, 2012

Aarhus Airport accused of discrimination
April 5, 2012

Denmark will aim at nursing home in China
April 4, 2012

Danes ensured huge order in New Zealand
April 4, 2012

News from Ritzau: From I/S to A/S
March 29, 2012

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